Nintendo Updates Online Service - No More One Free Game For A Month

Fill your boots!

Remember when we first heard about Nintendo's online plans for the Switch? You know, only getting 1 free game that you could play for a month and then you had to pay for it if you wanted to continue? Good news, that's all been changed.

This is confirmed news from Nintendo, so we're not tugging at your heartstrings here. Following last night's Nintendo Online Service announcement, it was made clear how their online system will work, and all I can say is "that's more like it!".

Online subscribers will be able to access a library of classic games, which is currently called Classic Game Selections, instead of having just 1 free game that you can play for a month. Oh, and these classics will be updated to include online features. Nintendo called this access "ongoing" in a tweet, and clarified that subscribers can play "as many games as they want, as often as they like, as long as they have an active subscription". Sweet.

A test version of the smartphone app that will handle voice chat will be available this summer. We're not sure what features will be up and running, but Nintendo said that functionality will be limited.

You've still got plenty of time to decide if you're going to be a subscriber or not as the Online Service will launch sometime next year. Up until then, using the online facilities will be free, so feel free to race the time away in Mario Kart and claim that sweet first place.

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