PSN Reaches 70m Monthly Active Users

PS Plus has over 26m subscribers.

Sony has revealed updated data about the health of the PlayStation Network and PlayStation Plus. It published some figures after its most recent corporate strategy meeting. Included in the report was a higher look at all of its sectors which of course included gaming.

The linked report includes a few slides about PSN as well as PlayStation Plus. Sony itself confirmed that PSN has now reached 70m monthly active users, which is a huge achievement.

In another report, Sony said that PlayStation Plus has 26.4m subscribers - up from 20.8m last year. It plans to expand the PS Plus user base further this year, which would make sense. According to the report, PS4 users collectively spend 600m hours every week on their PS4, which is a whole lot of gaming!

PSVR was mentioned, with Sony promising to expand the platform beyond games to include entertainment like music and movies.

When did you sign up for a PSN account and subscribe to PS Plus? Let us know!

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