Middle-earth: Shadow of War's gear and weapons detailed in new gameplay video

Take a look at how Shadow of War is switching up the loot system.

Middle-earth: Shadow of War is looking to improve on many of the features that helped make 2014's Shadow of Mordor such a success - which includes revamping the way gear and loot works.

The latest video from IGN (embedded above) gives us a look at the game's new gear system. It includes an overview of item starts and cosmetic appearances, as well as a look at how to obtain new and powerful weapons and armour.

Shadow of War will let players switch out their sword, dagger, bow, armour, cape, and ring as they progress through the story to unlock powerful new traits and abilities. Some gear includes challenges, where certain criteria will have to be met to unlock a bonus trait on your items.

Check out the video and let us know what you make of Shadow of War's new gear system. A welcome update to the series, or unnecessary hassle? Leave a comment!

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