Battlefield 1 Spring Update Brings Back Platoons & Introduces Password Protected Servers

You'll soon be able to password protect your servers.

Battlefield 1's Spring update is coming soon, and the above video talks about what changes will be implemented. Whilst there's no confirmed date for the update, there's no harm in knowing what's coming to the successful shooter.

Password protected servers is one of the changes being implemented in the upcoming Spring update, so you can go as wild and wacky as you'd like with your private servers. They will be unranked, however it may kickstart competitions in a community, and will be great for content creators.

Rental servers only require 6 players rather than 20, and we'll also see the return of platoons, which have 4 ranks (namely General, Colonel, Lieutenant, and Private). You'll be able  to link rented servers to the platoon; check the above video for a few more snazzy in-game features for platoons.

There will also be 4 new level 10 weapon variants, 5 new dog tags, and 19 new ribbons to unlock, so that'll keep you busy for a while.

The power of planes has been reduced to give infantry a fairer chance, and medics will be able to spot dead team mates to give them a heads up in their killcam that someone's coming to revive them.

What do you think about Battlefield 1's upcoming update? Let us know!

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