Free "Not A Hero" Resident Evil 7 DLC To Be Delayed

Free Resident Evil 7 DLC delayed.

Resident Evil 7's free DLC "Not A Hero" will be delayed, and the above video details why that is, with much sincerity.

According to the devs, the DLC "was not good enough to meet" the high expectations of the game and critical praise of the full release.

Currently there is no release window for the free DLC, however the team did state that it's working on more DLC for Resident Evil 7. We'll be sure to keep you posted on any updates we come across.

Not A Hero will feature Chris Redfield in a separate adventure to the main game. We did see him at the end of the game for a few brief moments, however fans were unsure as to whether it was the real Chris Redfield, though Capcom soon put an end to that uncertainty.

What do you think about the delay? Let us know!

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