No Single Player Available For Friday The 13th's Launch

Friday The 13th was originally expected a while ago, however thanks to the successful Kickstarter project, the game will slash its way onto PC, PS4, and Xbox One on 26th May 2017 (I was secretly hoping it would actually launch on Friday 13th, but alas, my dreams have been shattered).

You may have noticed that there was no sight of a single player mode in the trailer above, and you would be correct for observing such a thing. There will be no single player mode on launch; you'll need to wait for it to be added as a free update at some point this summer. We're not sure what the single player mode involves, however there should be more information made available after the multiplayer section of the game launches on 26th May.

It's great to hear that Friday The 13th is getting a single player mode, despite its Kickstarter campaign failing to reach its stretch goal, however many fans may be disappointed with this news. The game was reportedly delayed so that the developers could have more time to add a single player mode, however it's still launching as a multiplayer-only experience (for now).

Friday The 13th is mainly an asymmetrical multiplayer experience, however having a single player mode would have feel more like a complete game with more substance to it. It's only launching with 3 multiplayer maps; Camp Crystal Lake, Higgins Haven, and Packanack Lodge.

The game focuses on Jason vs Counselor scenarios, allowing players to play as either Jason or a camp counselor at Camp Crystal Lake. The multiplayer aspect puts a player as Jason against 7 counselors. Those of you who choose Jason will be able to play as different versions of him, with each Jason having his own unique abilities. Counselors are provided with various ways to escape Jason when in Camp Crystal, and staying true to the films, it won't be easy. Players will need to rely on their various strengths like healing and trap buildings if they wish to stand a chance.

Will you be slashing your way to get Friday The 13th? Let us know!

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